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Welcome to Kitschy Cat Studio! My name is Meaghan Foshe and I’m a graphic designer based in Des Moines, Iowa. My work is often inspired by mid-century design. While I love the clean lines and playful structure of the atomic age, I offer a wide range of stylistic designs and illustrations.

Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, I’ve been designing things for most of my life. As a child, I was always coming up with posters, menus, or board games, and walking down the office supply aisle was definitely more exciting than shopping for toys. The first time I was ever paid for my work was in high school when I designed signs for a local movie theater. Since then, I’ve worked with many organizations and individuals to bring their ideas to life.


I have a bachelor’s degree in communication and, in addition to design, I have a passion for writing and video editing. My hobbies include antiquing and thrifting, interior decorating, and organizing.

In addition to art prints, I'm open to commissions. Let's chat about the ideas you want brought to life!

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